Toys for boys

I had to stop home after a meeting so I went up to my room to unplug my sex toys that were charging. Most are either couple’s toys, vibrating rings or multi use but hand held. I thought again about the limitation on toys for boys. 

Almost all require a hand for manipulation.  Few vibrate. Women have many more options. 

With the notable exception of Fleshlight,  most seem to have target markets other than me. I mean, who can fit into these things??

What the world needs is a good and spacious hands-free vibrating (or better yet undulating and contracting) toy for men.


The anti-revenge porn law is a step forward – but why is the female body still so shameful?

Catherine Cooke

Last year a new law was passed in the UK:

“People who maliciously share sexually explicit pictures of former partners will face prosecution”

This is, of course, excellent news. It goes some way to alleviate the anxiety felt by those being blackmailed with formerly private naked pictures. The effects of revenge porn on their victim can be truly devastating – humiliation, panic attacks, ostracism from family and community, and a threat to job security.

But the fact that we even need to have such a law in our sexually liberated society is concerning. Pre-marital sex is widely accepted, contraception has been freely available for 60 years, and we are bombarded by sexual images in advertising. The total chaos that revenge porn causes clearly tells us that this supposed sexual liberation does not exist as we imagine. Ancient taboos and restrictions concerning female sexual behaviour still manifest themselves, even though they…

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Hunger. A poor first foray into verse

He had need.
Need unsated
Beating like a heart of a separate being

She saw him
He radiated something
Dangerous. Wanton.
A gravitational pull
Irresistible to her

He saw her
Crossing his vision
He focused
Like a lone lion hunting
The savannah
His hunger gnawed
His lust fanned and inflated

She watched him approach
His need called to her
She stood still and smiled
Like prey
But prey begging to be captured
And consumed

He approached her
Looking into her eyes
Seeing her fear
Sensing her desire
Smelling the sweet aroma of her arousal

She touched him
He gazed at her
His mouth watering
His heart racing
His loins throbbing

She smiled
Desire overcoming fear
Lust overcoming thought and reservation
She felt herself flood
And swell
And ache

He moved forward
Into her
Enveloping her
She moved into him
Reveling in his need
Rampantly displayed
Offered to her

They consumed each other
Imploding into each other
Alone but intertwined
Nothing else existed


Verse and erotica are made for each other. When combined they raise passion, lust, desire to a spiritual -even religious – experience. Verse lubricates erotica’s entry into more conservative people’s acceptance of the erotic as art and even scripture (e.g., Song of Solomon)

The attached both arouses and ennobles arousal and its uninhibited and lusty satisfaction.

Good to read. Better read aloud to your partner