Can We Please Tell Our Girls About Masturbation?

Surrender the Brownies

Control your faces of shock, readers. I know that word is taboo, and the mere sight of it makes us all cringe. Look at it… the way those syllables speak perfectly about the despair and gross-ness of the action. It’s something that people should be ashamed of, something that normal people just don’t do. It’s an action for immoral and spiritually dead young men, especially. Why would women even be interested in it?

Except… they are. And we don’t talk about that fact nearly enough.

I get it, I really do. Nobody wants to think about it, about the thousands of women who, for whatever reason, think personal stimulation is a healthy choice for their lives or who did once and, despite their mindset being changed, are now hopelessly addicted. They pray, they fall, they feel ashamed… but it all has to be kept a furtive secret, because if the…

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