God’s work or Satan’s

During my late, unlamented sexless marriage, I perfected my current sexual obsession.  I react much more like a 20 year old than someone 50-something

And I also interacted with men, but mostly women, who were similarly situated. Yes there really are men who won’t fuck their willing, even aggressively willing, often very attractive wives

As part of my “self-triage” I would work at rekindling these neglected women’s eroticism.   This didn’t always entail direct sex. Many times it involves making them feel desired, developing their erotic fantasies  watching, listening and encouraging them to explore themselves and revel in touch.   

These women then made decisions based on sexual feelings long denied.  I remember fondly beautiful smiles of women who took themselves from largely wooden reactions to triggering nearly violent orgasms with even their own brief simple touch

Happily or sadly, many of their relationships did not survive.  They found lovers, new spouses or just determined that they did not have to accept sexual neglect in response to their sexual generosity

I like to think I was doing God’s work.   But, was I?   I have no regrets either way 


12 thoughts on “God’s work or Satan’s

  1. I say it was God’s work. Anyone who helps others reach orgasm, whether by instruction, interest, remote or true physical contact, is helping to save the world! Or, at least that is what we at Ophelimitybelieve! 😉
    Keep up the good work!

    • It couldn’t. At least for me. And it couldn’t work for men and women with whom I discussed the issue. Writing custom erotica is intimate and lots and lots of fun.

    • I am shocked by how many people have spouses who refuse sex and expect “loyalty”. Always believed that a promise of sexual exclusivity had a reciprocal implied promise of access activity participation

      • I believe in sex without live but not love without sex.😉every marriage has his “equilibrium “ but either with or without sex it work only if both are on the same line but if one is “frigid” and the other passionate I don’t see it working and I don’t pity the cheated one.What you don’t get at home you look for it outside…….we are human and with needs…….thanks God😀👯‍♀️👯‍♂️

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