God’s work or Satan’s

During my late, unlamented sexless marriage, I perfected my current sexual obsession.  I react much more like a 20 year old than someone 50-something

And I also interacted with men, but mostly women, who were similarly situated. Yes there really are men who won’t fuck their willing, even aggressively willing, often very attractive wives

As part of my “self-triage” I would work at rekindling these neglected women’s eroticism.   This didn’t always entail direct sex. Many times it involves making them feel desired, developing their erotic fantasies  watching, listening and encouraging them to explore themselves and revel in touch.   

These women then made decisions based on sexual feelings long denied.  I remember fondly beautiful smiles of women who took themselves from largely wooden reactions to triggering nearly violent orgasms with even their own brief simple touch

Happily or sadly, many of their relationships did not survive.  They found lovers, new spouses or just determined that they did not have to accept sexual neglect in response to their sexual generosity

I like to think I was doing God’s work.   But, was I?   I have no regrets either way 


Tucker Carlson’s Brother Reminds Us Why Hitting Reply All Is Sometimes A Huge Mistake



Now I want to preface this by asking you to hold your judgment for a moment. I am aware that talking about Tucker Carlson and the things that escape his mouth can sometimes get people heated, but I want you to put that aside and try to judge these email conversations on their content alone.

The emails in question regard a conversation between spokesman for New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, Amy Spitalnick, and Tucker Carlson, with some cameos by other players at different points. The contact was the result of Spitalnick’s attempts to get a correction for a story at The Daily Caller by writer Peter Fricke concerning de Blasio’s comments about President Obama’s transportation proposal.

Caller editor Christopher Bedford got pulled into the lengthy email back and forth, leading to the reply, “We’re reviewing the video now, Amy. If you annoy me with another whiny email…

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A New Study Says Watching Porn Is Great For Your Sex Life



A new study out of UCLA aimed at determining whether watching pornography can have a negative effect on a man’s sexual performance — and even cause erectile dysfunction — found quite the opposite.

The study can be found on ResearchGate, but if you’re not into poring over the tedium of medical research, the document’s title tells you everything you need to know: Viewing Sexual Stimuli Associated with Greater Sexual Responsiveness, Not Erectile Dysfunction.

The Daily Dot has a quick and easy breakdown.

Nicole Prause and James Pfaus wrote in their paper for the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a totally real periodical and not the name of an R&B album, “[Visual sexual stimuli] use within the range of hours tested is unlikely to negatively impact sexual functioning, given that responses actually were stronger in those who viewed more VSS.” That is to say, of their 280 subjects, those…

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Jimmy Kimmel Does Drunken Piggyback Squats With Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Inspires A Nation


While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the upcoming fourth season of HBO’s Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks the wigs she wears as Selina Meyer and her friendly relationship with Vice President Joe Biden. Biden actually contacted the fictional VP (now “P”) to loop her in on Michelle Obama’s Gimme Five challenge. Smart cookie that she is, Louis-Dreyfus successfully convinced a drunk Kimmel to do five squats… with her on his back. I expect Pinterest to be all over this fitspo.

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Masturbation féminine: 13 bonnes raisons de s’y adonner fréquemment


Masturbation féminine, l’art de se détendre émotionnellement et physiquement

Le Pr Streicher, gynécologue,  interrogée sur la pratique de l’autoerotisme féminin explique que la masturbation participe à l’ état de santé général chez la femme:

  • aide à mieux dormir
  • diminue le stress
  • on se sent mieux dans sa peau.

Le Dr Streicher  conseille la masturbation qui un moyen de se détendre émotionnellement et physiquement.

Je vous invite à lire l’article suivant et pour les anglophones, de faire on tour sur http://drstreicher.com/

via Masturbation féminine: 13 bonnes raisons de s’y adonner fréquemment.

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Sex positive parenting: the book we are going to burn

Emma Masson-Oakden


My wife and I are huge book lovers, the word ‘bibliophile’ definitely comes to mind.  On top of this, we are also very sex(uality) positive when it comes to parenting, both wanting our four children to grow up with a healthy understanding of sex and sexuality, theirs and in general.  Our eldest daughter is 11 now and is going through puberty; she loves reading puberty books, demolishes the damn things, then reads them two, three, four more times… and a month later will get them out from the library again.  It got to the point we ended up buying the books for her.

A few months back we were in our regular secondhand bookshop, perusing the shelves full of booky potential.  I came across a hardcover book – ‘Questions Kids Ask about Sex: Honest answers for every age’, Melissa R. Cox (ed) – and thought HEY!  THAT SOUNDS FUCKING…

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